Where do we ship?

We will ship from our secret headquarters right here at the bottom of the globe to almost anywhere in the world. If you're worried about whether or not we can ship to your location, feel free to drop us a line and ask. The answer is probably yes!

How much does it cost?

The trade-off for being able to bring you original, local music from the south of the south is that it costs us a little extra to get it to you. We don't shift the large volumes that your online megastores do, and Dunedin is just about as far away from everywhere as you could get. We don't offer multiple shipping options, we simply get the best price we can and ship it out as soon as we can.*

*Having said that, if you really need your stuff quickly, drop us a line and we'll quote you a price for a fancy, super-duper speedy delivery. Never say never!