The 'Bones - Live

The 'Bones LIVE has arrived!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The new LIVE CD of the 'Bones Live at Refuel on the 20 September 2006 have finally arrived! Filled with the same atmosphere and excitement and covered with photos from the night! The CD contains the entire set played (plus some improptue bits)!

Track listing

1. Fovea Phobia
2. Plans for tonight
3. The Joust
4. Red Sweater
5. My Dingaling/Burn of the Night
6. Mexycan
7. Geskapo
8. Date Rape
9. The French Painter
10. Waiting fo Tomorrow
11. Beer
12. Secret Service Girl
13. Sleep All Night
14. Keasbey Nights

Price: $20.00

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The 'Bones 
The 'Bones - Live
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