The Magnolia Corporation - The Sundowner Sessions

Electronic songstress Lou K melds together her stunningly beautiful vocals, dreamy melodies and hypnotic beats to produce an incredible album of alluring audio pleasure for the digital age.

The Magnolia Corporation is the electronic embryo of Lou Kewene. Lou is an electronic music producer hailing from Dunedin, New Zealand (which is in the South Pacific).
She brings together beautifully crafted melodies with electro hedonism that only electronic music can deliver.
Alumni of the Red Bull Music Academy, audio engineer, Mac worshipper and all round ?geek girl? Lou describes her self as a Music Producer, sometimes keyboard noodler/singer who gets to make some great music with talented friends.

She lists her musical influences as diverse as Herbie Hancock, Zero 7, Cinematic Orchestra, Mylo to Shihad and the 3Ds.

The Sundowner Sessions is The Magnolia Corporations latest independent release.

1. Music to Love by
2. Any Minute Now
3. Blackout
4. Heirs and Graces
5. Glitterati
6. A Letter
7. Distance Travels
8. Enemies
9. My World

Price: $20.00

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The Magnolia Corporation 
The Magnolia Corporation - The Sundowner Sessions
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